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01 December

CSR: Cavalier Social Responsibility 2

Excuse my returning to this initiative which I raved about earlier.

But it deserves it.

Despite their scale, Cavalier Brewing has punched well above its weight with its Cavalier Courage. Indeed there are some CSR lessons here for the big brewers .. well, any company really.

Cavalier Courage
It’s an easy drinking craft beer just in time for summer: just released in a 330 mL bottle. More importantly it’s been created to raise awareness and funds for Motor Neuron Disease.

There’s lots about this effort that’s commendable for obvious reasons. However, I was especially impressed that the Cavalier team designed the label too. Courageous: but it’s worked (in my view).

In case your not up on your Greek myths, the label features Sisyphus, who was punished and condemned to roll a boulder up a hill only to see it roll down every time. As there is no cure yet for Motor Neuron Disease there are unfortunate parallels in Sisyphus’ plight and those suffering with MND.

Cavalier Courage is a 4.5% ABV Blonde Ale brewed with summer Saaz hops; they provide a fruity bitterness perfect for the summer to come.

Cheers! Again, well done Cavalier. Congratulations for this courageous effort.

PS: I was privileged to be invited to the launch of the beer at Virginia Plain in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane.

08 September

CSR: Cavalier social responsibility

Victorian Cavalier Brewing company deserves a quiet pat on the back.

They have demonstrated that you don’t have to be big in brewing or sponsorship to make serious socially responsible efforts that make a difference.

Cavalier has just launched an initiative to help raise research funds for, and awareness of, motor neurone disease (MND).

Central to this effort was an approach by Dr Ian Davis, who has MND and loves his beer, for a fundraising brew. Cavalier readily agreed to the special brew and have, appropriately, called it Courage Ale.

The beer will be launched in early 2013 raising funds for MND and me and Zo-ee: two Australian organisations active in the MND cause.

Dr Ian Davis

Cavalier’s Courage Ale has already attracted serious attention from media including several 3AW interviews with Justin Smith and profiles in Melbourne’s Sunday Age and Herald Sun newspapers.

Apart from being a worthy thing to do – and I know this was not the objective – from a PR/reputation-building perspective Cavalier has shown that genuine humanity and compassion can go a long way in building reputation. This ain’t no typical ‘corporate’ cheque handover/grip ‘n grin; they are clearly and passionately involved.

And doesn’t that empathy shine through?

CSR usually means ‘corporate social responsibility’ but I’d like to think this case of ‘Cavalier social responsibility’ will catch on.


PS click here to find out how you can help MNDandme and Zo-ee.