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15 July

Local and fresh: welcome back!

Fresh cloudy beer with a green swirl of fresh hop particles. Crikey! Just the thought would once see beer drinkers avoid a pub like the plague.

Fresh Alpha Pale Ale with a swirl of green hops to prove it!

A bit heady I know – but this glass underlines a shift in Australia’s beer market. Some call it a revolt. Where once the nearest brewery was only the big one in the state capital, now we have smaller breweries: local breweries. In Melbourne, for example, we now have many new, interesting and tasty brews from city-based craft breweries: Cavalier and Thunder Road Brewing to name just two standouts.

Local and fresh: words that beer drinkers are reacquainting themselves with.

I dropped in to Matilda Bay’s new Port Melbourne brewery yesterday with a fellow beer fancier. Within walking distance of home: it’s local and, as you can see, fresh. (And ‘yes’ I know it’s owned by CUB.) The treat of the visit was a glass of Matilda Bay’s Alpha Pale Ale straight from the fermenter. It was cloudy; floral; a bit raw; and delicious. To underline this there was a green swirl of fresh hop particles at the bottom of the glass as the top pic tries to show.

Fresh from the Bay.

There were three taps offering Matilda Bay brews straight from the fermenter: Alpha Pale; Double Stout and The Black Thong. We sampled them all. What a treat. Our fave was the Alpha. Read more…

06 June

Monty Python and the Holy Ale

There’s a great scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail where the bridge-keeper commands the knights: “Stop. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ‘ere the other side he see.”

This morning the bridge-keeper asked: “What colour is your favourite beer?” To my mind this is just marginally easier than ‘what is your favourite colour?’

This classic movie scene passed through my mind today as I crossed the pedestrian bridge on Melbourne’s Yarra river in the heart of our CBD. Under the bridge is Pony Fish: a popular drinking spot.

Dark beers for winter
Swiftly with iPhone camera I took this early morning pic. Abbotsford Invalid Stout from CUB and Dogbolter, a Munich dunkel lager (dark beer), by Matilda Bay topped a stack of freshly delivered packaged beer.

So .. two dark beers: generations apart featured on the bridge. Normally, neither are ragingly popular – but both are good companions in a Melbourne winter. And both I believe reflect a growing interest by enlightened beer drinkers in beers with greater depth of character.

As part of my focus on dark beers for winter, I’ll put these established brands, as well as a variety of newer craft brews, to the test. Perhaps one that won’t render me as limbless as the Black Knight in the same movie.

The Black Knight (aka John Cleese) from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I’ll report back soon. It’s just Wednesday after all.