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30 June

ZYWIEC! BOOM! Porter with balls

My new ‘porter radar’ pinged in the local Dan Murphy’s picking up this ?ywiec brew from Poland. I took a bottle home.

The part of the label I could read highlighted its ABV as 9,5%! BOOM! Porter will balls.

Zywiec porter in its home setting: pic courtesy of Lonely Planet’s best beers

To my palate it clearly is a damn fine porter – complex and peculiarly bitter – however the gravity overshadows the smoothness. The alcohol shines through just a bit too strongly on the back palate: like an added nip of vodka or even scotch.

Dan Murphy’s web site provides the following description:“?ywiec Polish Porter has a full bodied, medium gold colour. Sharp and focussed flavours, with oily, bitter hops and a background of toasty malt.”

The ‘oiliness’ is likely to be the alcohol I believe.

Drinkable -vs- Sippable
Some of the best dark beers have higher ABV; it carries the depth of flavour we love in these brews. My preference is for a drinkable porter rather than one for sipping.

Perhaps I just need to give it another go….