Insights on beer marketing & PR by a beer-war vet


About beerlines | @beerlinesblog

Beerlines taps you into a different view of beer.

This blog gives an informed point of view about beer PR and the marketing comms that go with it.

It provides insights and opinions for those who, like the author, love to think about this amazing beverage and form a view. Sometimes seriously: other times not.

Beerlines is written by me, David Park. Usually called Parky, I’m a Melbourne-based beer writer/blogger and lover of beer. My day job is in PR consulting.

Having held PR roles with both major Aussie brewers, my blog beerlines is the product of a ‘beer-wars vet’ who now (dangerously) thinks he can write and comment about beer.

Although, to be fair, sixteen years in brewing PR does give a unique vantage point across what is a highly competitive market and an increasingly topical alcohol beverage. So, with a good grasp of marketing communications and how it’s shifting online and responding to social media, I aim for beerlines to provide and informed POV and interesting commentary on how the beer market is responding.

Starting out at Castlemaine Perkins (XXXX) Brewery I was thrown into the deep end of the PR vat in the infamous shift to Bond Brewing (shudder) then Lion Nathan.

Bond Brewing replaces the Castlemaine Perkins sign:
a sobering PR lesson

After a suitable gap I joined Carlton & United Brewers in Melbourne.

So .. both sides of the Aussie beer war ‘big guys’: regularly on the front line with media.

I’ve worked with some famous (and infamous) characters on both sides of the beer war: brewers, marketers, brand managers, sponsorships, hoteliers, sales reps, production boffins, CEOs and a few talented PRs.

Along the way I also learned from many passionate journalists and commentators who covered the beer game.

Where next for the Australian beer market?
Having written more media releases about mainstream lagers than almost anyone, I’m getting such a buzz from the growth of craft breweries and alternative craft beer styles across Australia. I’m keen to discuss how our beer market is responding: getting more local. Oh yes .. please indulge my faffing on about dark beers – just love a good porter.

To brewers and beer marketers, please know I accept that my brewing-oriented PR background is a limited vantage point and will gladly accept your criticism with good grace.

Cheers! Parky

PLEASE NOTE: I am a professional PR consultant, however the views in this blog are mine and personal. Should it occur that I choose to write about a brewing client I will highlight that boldly with more than just an obscure #client. I do not benefit financially from any brewery for beerlines posts.